• Not only did I learn new brush strokes and techniques that will forever inspire me, but I was also impressed with Cheryl’s philosophy of living artfully and painting from the soul.
    Liz V.

  • Thank you for your generous teaching style ... you know so much! And you are very generous about sharing what you have learned.
    Anne C.

  • Thanks for all you do to open the world of painting to others. It is an exhilarating endeavour which brings much joy ... you are touching many lives in a positive way with what you do.
    Joan W.

  • If you want to pull out your creativity and don't know where to start ... I highly recommend Cheryl, for any art class, all types of medium. Knowledgeable, reliable, and patient.
    Hala J.

  • Cheryl's art courses are always informative, relaxed and well worth what she charges!
    Jacqueline K.

  • I find you to be honest in your feedback while being kind. You have caused me to grow and take chances. Without your inspiration I would not be experiencing the LOVE of painting that I have.
    Sandi M.

Dorothy Macfarlane

  • How long have you been painting?

    I took some high school courses in painting and then did not have an opportunity to take it up again until after I retired from elementary school teaching. I have enjoyed taking art classes from Cheryl for the last four years.
  • Why did you first want to learn to paint?

    I knew that I enjoyed being creative with visual elements such as flower arranging. I also appreciated the work of many artists, so I wanted to venture out and try it myself.
  • What type of paint do you like to work in?

    Usually the project dictates the type of paint. I work in tube acrylics to create impasto effects and liquid acrylics for special effects such as pouring backgrounds and glazing. I paint portraits with water mixable oils.
  • Do you have a favourite subject?

    I enjoy painting people, places and flowers that are meaningful to me or my family.
  • What inspires you to be creative?

    I am inspired by shapes in nature, memories and ideas such as family love.
  • Do you have any favourite artists?

    Some of my favourite artists are Robert Bateman, van Gogh, Renoir and many of the Group of Seven painters.
  • How does painting affect your life?

    Time spent painting enables me to forget other stresses in my life. Painting also gives me a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. But I must give myself permission to be a learner on an artistic adventure!

Dorothy MacFarlane

Dorothy Macfarlane

Painting by Dorothy Macfarlane

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