Creative Painting Adventures

Less scary than skydiving, and the fun lasts longer!


To help you find a more creative approach to painting, and maybe even life!

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"Marble-ous" Oil  12" x 12"  $435. + HST


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"Ancient Wisdom" Acrylic Collage with 18k gold foil 20" x 16" $465.00 + HST (shipping additonal if required)

Ancient Wisdom

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Although a bit long, I did enjoy this video. Especially the part about how rehearsing in your mind, after you have some degree of skill, is actual rehearsing - and helps! That means that times when I am sitting in an office, trying to figure out what colours and shapes I would use to paint the plant in the corner, is actual practice! How cool.


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"Still Life in Motion" oil 40" x 30" $1350. + HST

Still Life in Motion

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"Backstreets Italy" watercolour - 10" x 7" comes with a white acid free matte and backing - matte 11" x 14" - $150. + HST. Shipping additional if required.

Backstreets Italy

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