Drawing – because it works

More about drawing… When beginners are learning to draw, they get tired. We all do when concentrating on a difficult task. Like building up your muscles when weight training, the ideal time to keep at it is just a little 
Cahir Castle by Cheryl O

The Joy & the Challenge

It seems to me that anything worth doing is going to have some challenge attached to it. Art is never lacking in challenges, that’s for sure! My current challenge is to make paintings that have a soloist, and then a 
Painting 'Fleet Inspection'

Something New to Learn

The fall courses are listed! I have been painting through some of the paintings in the John Lovett book, and am very excited to learn his techniques. I’ve been working on the soft edged backgrounds with a vignetted feeling as 
Wine Glass Painting

The Walk By

Sometimes it just works. You are at the point where you don’t know if the painting is done. Or, you know it’s not done, but can’t quite identify what it needs. So here’s what I recommend – put it someplace 
Red Pepper painting


When it comes to easels, there are lots of choices. In class, some students like a table top easel. The angle can help prevent light from glaring off the painting, but it is very optional. It’s almost as convenient to 

Paint Quality

I like to get a bargain when I can, but some things are just not worth saving the pennies over. Quality of paint is one. I strongly recommend that even beginners buy artist quality paint. Student quality paint can fade 

About Canvas

In any art supply store there is cheap canvas, and then there is the more expensive kind – which type I buy depends on exactly which painting techniques I will be using. The main difference between the 2 is the