Art Courses

Online Art Courses – are amazing!

People learn faster. With recorded lessons, students can watch them anytime they want. Up in the middle of the night? Your lessons are there. Need to have something repeated? Easy.

People make new art friends. My courses are held on an interactive website on a platform called Mighty Networks. That means you can post your art work (if you want) and comment on the work of others. Be assured – artists are an encouraging bunch. In my courses and painting membership we consistently cheer each other on.

No need for perfection – you are there to learn and no one expects your paintings to be perfect! Heck no. This is a journey shared.

Often there are Zooms for questions and just for getting to know each other better too.

Really, I could not have imagined how well this works. I love it. And – no more lugging heavy paints to class, or fussing about the weather.

Here’s what is happening and what is coming up…

Beginners Bundles – A Video Bundle: All About Art Supplies. Shop with confidence for your art supplies. No more frustration with inferior materials – available now!

The Painters Creative – an annual art membership. Opens for new members just a few times per year.

Colour and Composition – this fall course runs for 10 weeks.

Drawing for Painters – this 10 week course will start in February 2022. Registration opening in December 2021.

Make sure you are getting Cheryl O’s Tuesday morning art newsletters to know what’s coming up. It’s been great to transition to online and I hope to see you there!