About Me (Cheryl O)

I paint. I teach. Life is good.

Me275About Teaching

I love the positive exchange of ideas and excitement that happen in my classes. I take seriously that, not only do I need to be able to paint well, but I also must be able to communicate about painting in ways that students will be able to apply practically to their art. My goal is to help each student find their own unique expression in paint. I have been teaching art to adults since 1997. Click here for current art course information


About Painting

I agree wholeheartedly with André Gide who said “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does, the better.” At the same time, I also believe in working to have a strong foundation in technical ability: drawing skills, understanding colour, composition, etc., plus studying great art from the past. That is my part in the collaboration.

About the Subject

There will always be a place for beauty in art. Whether I am painting realistically or interpretively, my goal is to move and delight the viewer with colour and shape, no matter what subject I may be working on. It is part of my creative process to explore a variety of subjects, as well as techniques and paint types. This is great for the teaching, since there isn’t too much a student might try that I haven’t had a whorl at.

About Art as an Investment

Apparently it depends on who dies first, you or me. And although I am no spring chicken, I am feeling quite well at the moment. So I suggest that you buy a painting because it touches your heart and you love it and you want to live with it. That way, you can’t lose. You can check out my paintings for sale on my home page blog.

I’m Approachable

Send me an email, [email protected] , if you have questions about classes or paintings. My goal is to return your contact within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from me, please try again, because emails sometime get lost in cyberspace. And sometimes, I do too.