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Paint Together Live – with Cheryl O

Registration opens April 1st!

You can paint through Here Comes the Sun (pictured here) on April 19/23 at 7 pm – just $25+tax. Like a paint night these live events are a fun opportunity to paint with others as Cheryl guides you step by step through a painting on Zoom. All the details are here: Here Comes the Sun Paint Together Live.

If you prefer to purchase just the video, without the Zoom event, it will be available below for $20.

“I LOVED this process… you are a great teacher, very personable and patient and you make everyone feel excited about their work.”
― Aura B.

Online Art Courses – are amazing!

Having taught live art classes for 25 years, and loved doing that, imagine my surprise to find out that people learn faster with video lessons.  Need something repeated? Easy. Plus your lessons are there 24/7 so you can watch them at the best time of day for you! Convenience is a big part of online art courses. Also nice – no more lugging heavy paints to classrooms. And that snow storm? Who cares. 🙂

There are also some very interactive venues available online. You don’t have to be alone. The Painters Creative is a fun and friendly art membership.


Learning to Paint Should be Hands-On & Creative

Self guided courses that you work through at your own pace.

Walk through Blue Door. This includes 2 videos, one in watercolour and a supplementary video in acrylic, both with tips and techniques that painters will enjoy learning. Tell me more!
Take a ride on mountain road. This includes 2 videos, one in acrylic and a supplementary video in watercolour, both with tips and techniques that painters will enjoy learning. Tell me more!
Every weekday for 10 weeks, a 30 minute drawing exercise.  You bet this can impact your art in a wonderful way!  Guided practice makes the best use of your time. Tell me more!
With this $7. sample video you can experience for yourself how Cheryl’s clear and concise instructions can help you to get your paint flowing and loosen up. For watercolour and fluid acrylics. Tell me more!
Buy yourself a bundle of flowers, and you will get 3 videos for the price of 2. In each video, Cheryl combines realistic work with fun and flowing looser methods, so you can experience the best of both worlds. Each is also available for purchase individually. For watercolour and fluid acrylics. Linework provided. Tell me more!
Everyone loves the cheery attitude of sunflowers – Vincent did too. This painting done in complementary colours is used to demonstrate key concepts for working with flowing paint. For watercolour and fluid acrylics. Linework provided. Tell me more!
Roses can be intimidating with all those little shapes and the tendency is to tight up. In this painting, Cheryl demonstrates an unusual approach for watermedia which is, starting with darker shapes. Learn the advantages to this method especially when it comes to working looser on top of a detailed subject. For watercolour and fluid acrylics. Linework provided. Tell me more!
Among other techniques, glazing and lifting are demonstrated in a painting that once more combines some realism with more playful techniques. For watercolour and fluid acrylics. Linework provided. Tell me more!

The following are interactive opportunities hosted on Mighty Networks.

Fall of 2023 The Painters Creative will be open for new members. A new bonus for members has been 6 free Paint Together Lives on Zoom. Like a paint night, Cheryl guides you step by step through a paintings.  As well as the Lives, there are monthly themes, weekly challenges, art book reviews, art movie reviews, and lots of interaction as you post your work and comment on others’. No need for perfection here. Heck no. This is a journey shared and NOT a competition.  Come make some new encouraging and creative art friends.
For intermediate students. (Send an email to Cheryl if you are wondering if you qualify.) A 6 week critique course to help you define and focus on your own personal art goals in order to reach the next level in your own unique painting style. This one is all about YOU. Student will get detailed critiques to encourage and help them focus on areas of individual strengths and weaknesses in this intensive course. Plan 1 to 2 hours per weekday to participate in this course. Landscape paintings are used to teach the main concepts, and students may supplement with references of other subjects if they wish. Watch the Tuesday art newsletters to know when this course comes open next.

The Women’s Painting Retreat is the only live teaching venue that Cheryl has planned for now.

Check back in early 2023 for information about the next women’s painting retreat.

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Yvonne C. – London Canada

Kaitlyn J. – London Canada

“I have taken art classes with Cheryl O for several years.  She is an honest, sincere individual with so much knowledge to impart and she does so freely and without reservation. The time and effort she puts into the course work is considerable, as are the rewards for the members.”
― Fiona S.

“…keeps the brush moving.”
― Chantal G.

“You make everyone feel very good about their work…”
― Christa I.

“You have such a wonderful gift for breaking down the progressive skills to tackle… It’s empowering!”
― Marian S.

“Although I am a beginner, Cheryl’s approach to teaching made it easy for me to learn.”
― Eleanor B.

Helping you to grow your art in a variety of hands on, fun and creative formats. Hope to see you there!


Cheryl O