Colour & Composition

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Colour & Composition with Cheryl O

  1. A 10 week course – your choice of watercolour, acrylic, or oil.
  2. Every Monday a teaching video focusing on colour or composition and techniques to go with it.
  3. The videos are available in the course for the full 10 weeks, and they are downloadable during that time so you have forever access.
  4. Held on a private interactive web space: post your work (if you want to – it’s a ‘guilt free zone’), and put encouraging comments on others’ work.
  5. Questions can be posted into the website for Cheryl O and her team to answer.
  6. Once per week group Zooms (Monday evenings 7 p.m. Eastern Time) with Cheryl to be sure all your questions are answered. Recorded and posted in the site in case you can’t make the live.

Goals for this course:

  1. Understand the concepts that make for confidence in colour mixing.
  2. Understand the foundations for building a good composition.
  3. Experience the essentials of how colour affects composition – and vice versa!
  4. Apply the concepts taught by working through paintings demonstrated by Cheryl. Note: students may also choose to work from their own references.
  5. Show and grow your art with an encouraging group. We are here to cheer each other on!

Who is it for?

  1. Intermediate artists plus beginners who have done some painting, including those who have taken Cheryl’s “Brand New to Painting” course.
  2. NO TALENT IS REQUIRED. This is a place for learners and when learning, there are no concerns at all about perfection.

Who is it NOT for?

  1. Anyone who teaches art – even just part time.
  2. Those who already have a signature style they are happy with – this is a course for explorers!

Supplies: Choose watercolour, acrylic, or oil (just one paint type). Please see Recommended Supplies Here

10 Week Art Course
Offered just once per year.
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PRIVACY POLICY: Is found here.

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