Art Course “Foundations to Great Painting”

Foundations to Great Painting
with Cheryl O

4 week art course
for acrylic, watercolour, and oil*

Includes 13 downloadable teaching videos
Plus 4 Bonus Videos – All About Art Supplies

NOTE: No talent is needed. No previous art experience required.

Beginning (even brand new) and intermediate painters – a hands on experience to gain an excellent foundation in essential painting concepts plus best practices in paint handling.
*Plan to work in just one paint type.

What’s different about courses with Cheryl O? The teaching videos in each lesson focus on concepts, not simply step by step how to paint one painting. As you conquer the concepts, you can then learn to apply these to your own painting references. Hands on lessons designed to thoughtfully build one concept on another.

What else? Cheryl is there for you in the course ready to answer all your questions and even give encouraging critiques of some of your paintings that you post. You are not in this alone! As well, every Monday night is a group Zoom with Cheryl to answer all your questions and questions can also be posted into the site anytime.

Plus: This is on an interactive website that you can access 24/7 during the course. That means you can do the lessons, post your work and any questions about it, at any time of day or night that is convenient for you. Convenience is important in our busy world!

Here is the agenda. We will paint through these 3 paintings and on week 4 you choose a reference of your own to paint.

WEEK 1 – Barn Swallows (11″ x 14″)

Watercolour & fluid acrylics – learn how to use the moisture factor to make your watercolour or fluid acrylic paintings flow.
Oil or heavy body acrylics – learn how to make details with less frustration in thicker paint such as oil or heavy body acrylic.
All paint types will get tips about colour mixing.

WEEK 2 – A Country Starry Night (14″ x 11″)

All paint types will learn about making gradations, painting into wet paint, and more about colour mixing.

WEEK 3 – Solo Rose (12″ x 12″)

Oil and heavy body acrylic get to play with thick paint and learn about using a palette knife.
Watercolours play with spatter and are introduced to integrating white gouache with watercolour.
All paint types are introduced to softening edges.

WEEK 4 – Work from your own reference (11″ x 14″ or larger recommended)

All paint types will get guidance on how to choose a reference to paint from and have the opportunity to post their work for final critiques. Knowing both strengths and weaknesses of your work helps you to move forward as you search for your own unique expression in art.

“Cheryl’s instruction is very clear, and the downloadable videos are so useful.” Pat H.

Current Bonus: Includes the 4 video series
“All About Art Supplies”
(Regular $47. + tax – included free.)

These videos give you lots of essential information about paint, brushes, supports (e.g. watercolour paper & canvas), and palettes. Walk into the art supply store with confidence knowing what you want to buy – and why. The videos are immediately downloadable for forever access. If you accidentally close the page before downloading them all, no worries. A link will be sent to you by email to be able to access the video download page again.

You will receive immediate access to the 4 Bonus videos. This is NOT the same as access to the art course.
The access code for the art course will arrive by email on the day the course starts.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to immediately be able to download the 4 Bonus videos.

Watch your emails the week before for a series of short videos that explain how the course functions.
The last of these emails will contain your private link into the course on the day that it starts.

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