The Next Level – Critique Course

This course will not be offered frequently – and enrolment is limited.

For intermediate painters* using watercolour or acrylic paint

This 6 week course is different. This course is all about YOU.

Who is it for? This course is for you if…

  • you are looking to develop your own unique painting style based on what YOU love in painting
  • you are eager for down to earth critiques that will help you identify both strengths and weaknesses
  • you have the time (recommended 4 hours per week – that’s 1 hour 4 days per week) to do the individually assigned exercises and paintings. Note: half way through the course there is a week off for March break.

*Intermediate painters should have a basic understanding of colour mixing and drawing skills, and have a favourite support (i.e. type of watercolour paper or canvas). Not sure if you qualify? Send 3 photos of 3 of your paintings to [email protected] to enquire.

How does it work?

Post your paintings into the private online site (in Mighty Networks) for Cheryl to critique as follows:

Week 1: Post 3 previously done paintings – ideally, done in the past 2 months. Book a 30 minute private Zoom with Cheryl during this week to discuss your personal art goals. There will be assignments in the course right from day 1.

Week 2 – 4: Post your practice paintings into the course website. Cheryl will critique in detail (both strengths and weaknesses) 2 paintings per student per week. You will be assigned specific homework and/or painting exercises according to the goals established at the first Zoom. Week 3 or 4 – book your second private 30 minute Zoom with Cheryl.

Week 5-6: Paintings done these weeks may be considered more ‘complete’ as opposed to practice, if you want. Book a final 30 minute Zoom with Cheryl to discuss your progress and set ongoing goals.

In all 6 weeks, different aspects of composition and how to use these to analyze a painting for excellence will be taught.

Six weeks can impact your artwork. The main emphasis will be for you to get plenty of practical advice to explore your unique style so that you can continue to go forward even after the course is finished.

You are responsible to:

  • Choose your own references and have lots available. (At least 2 per week and preferably more.)
  • Have good quality (not student grade) paint and brushes to work with.
  • Make sure you have reliable computer access. Desktop or laptop is recommended for the best experience, although access is also available through cell phone or ipad/tablet. Cheryl is not responsible for any tech difficulties concerning your equipment or that of third parties that are involved with the delivery of the course and private Zoom meetings over the 6 weeks.

NOTE:  Individualized teaching will take place in the critiques as written comments and as private zooms, plus the assignments that result from them. There are also articles posted in the site specifically to help this group grow their art to the next level. There are no videos included with this course, however, the lesson articles can be saved.

Registration opens early Sept 2022.

Course start date: Oct 17/22
Last date to register is Oct 12/22

Last day of class is Nov 25/22

$597. CAD + tax

This current offer includes – 3 private 30 minute Zooms


A 50% refund will be issued if requested no later than the Friday Oct 17/22. For the full privacy policy and procedures for courses and memberships with Cheryl O please see: Privacy Policy.

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