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This video contains comments from both Painters Creative members, and those who have taken online art courses with Cheryl O

This membership only comes open to new members a few times per year.

So Many Benefits to The Painters Creative

  • No more lugging heavy paint to another location.
  • Convenience! Access the group whenever it suits you best – 24/7.
  • Participate when it suits you – it’s a guilt-free zone.

You do NOT have to participate in everything. This is a relaxing very artsy place to go to when it suits  you, and participate in just the things that appeal to you. 

“…you have something here that is wonderfully inspiring but also quite unique ….it does get you painting. ( I am not aware of another membership art program like this one.)” Marian, Hanover ON Canada

Wish You Were Painting More Often?

We encourage each other to paint more often by sharing our artwork and putting positive comments on the work of others. It’s like an online coffee shop where art friends meet. Plus – painting more often means learning to paint better.

“I think one of the best things is the encouragement from both Cheryl and the other members.”  Joyce, Thunderbay ON Canada

Looking For Inspiring Subjects to Paint?

Every month an inspirational video on our monthly topic from Cheryl O. Every week fun challenges on the month’s topic.

“This Painters Creative has kept me happy through the covid years… I totally enjoy the membership and the friendships.” Yvonne, London ON Canada

Longing to Give Up on Perfection?

Your paintings don’t have to be perfect – not even close. This membership is about sharing our art journey, wherever that is at. It’s about the joy of being creative – not just the end product.

“Not just an amazing teacher, [Cheryl] is an inspiration who has given me a new way to communicate and connect with people and nature!” Doreen, California USA.

Discover Famous Artists to be Inspired By

Our Team Members share art related book reviews, art related movie reviews, and fun fact about famous painters. It’s a fun and painless way to learn.

“I look at the world around me with a different eye… I observe more nuances of colour and line and all those elements that go into painting.” Keith, London ON Canada

What does a week in The Painters Creative look like? Check it out below…


Mondays are when you see new Themes and Weekly Challenges in the category “Monthly Theme” (left menu). Some past themes have been Landscapes with Water, Trees of All Kinds, Incredible Edibles. The first of the month also includes a free downloadable inspirational video from Cheryl on that month’s theme. As well on Mondays:

Motivation Monday from Cheryl – either a poll or a question just to help with art focus for that week.

What to Watch For from Kathie – an overview of the current week.

1st Monday of the Month – Mystery Artist by Kathie – a detail from a famous painting and we try to guess the artist. Then throughout the month, Kathie will from time to time put up more gems from that famous artist’s life.


Book Review with an Art Connection from Julie – once per month.

Movie Review with an Art Connection from Julie – once per month

Featured Artist from Anna – one of our own TPC members does an interview with Anna and art by that member is also showcased. A great way to learn more about each other – once per month.


Brushing Up with Cheryl – art tips and techniques, a mix of basic and more advanced to encourage you in painting and creativity wherever you are at.


Thursday Tickles from Kathie – something to make you smile.


Featured Member Painting from Cheryl – One painting will be highlighted that was posted by a member on that month’s theme, and included is a brief positive critique.

Fab Friday at the end of the month (including that Saturday and Sunday) – members post 1 or 2 previously done paintings that would fit into the monthly theme, end of month.

Any day of the week

Feel free to post ANYTHING that you are painting or working on even if it is completely off theme. One of the purposes of Painters Creative is to encourage people to paint more. If you have a subject other than the ones suggested on the go, we would love to see what you are up to, anytime.

Virtual Tours of Art Galleries around the world are also posted by Julie just whenever they are available. We have enjoyed lots of these!

About Zooms

These happen on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7 p.m.

Sometimes a featured member shares on a Zoom about their personal art journey. Kathie often shares more about that month’s featured famous artist from history.

One of the Zooms each month is a fun and relaxed Art Trivia Zoom from Anna.

This all means – any day of the week, there is a reason that you can enjoy something new in The Painters Creative.

And the best, the very best thing, is that you can post your art, and put encouraging comments on the art of others. We ONLY give critique/suggestions if a member has specifically asked for that in their post. We don’t expect anyone’s art to be perfect – instead we share the journey. This is the heart of what we do here.

Friendships, Inspiration, Encouraging Support, Delighting in Beauty, Questions & Feedback

Art Friends are the best!

I have to say a big thank you to the team members who help make all this possible:

Kathie W. – Mystery Paintings, tech help if you need it, administrative assistant.
Anna S. – Featured Artist, Art Trivia, tech help if you need it.
Julie W. – Art book and movie reviews, links to free online Gallery tours.

And these are just some of the things the team does to help keep The Painters Creative an encouraging happy place. Thank you team!

“Welcoming, inspiring, and encouraging… It’s a fun place to be.” Trish, Hanover ON Canada

Find painting inspiration, make friends, share your work – all good!

For the next opportunity to join The Painters Creative, please watch Cheryl’s Tuesday Art Newsletters. You may also email Cheryl to let her know that you are interested at [email protected]

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