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This video contains comments from both Painters Creative members, and those who have taken online art courses with Cheryl O

Note: This membership only comes open to new members a few times per year.

Benefits of The Painters Creative

  • Think of it as an online coffee shop where you meet artsy friends and share your art.
  • Lots of encouragement to paint more often. Fellowship with other artists who want to cheer each other on.
  • Monthly theme inspired downloadable videos to help get your brush moving. Painting more often is the simplest tried and true method to improve your art.
  • Weekly challenges break down the theme into practical ideas designed to spark your imagination in paint.
  • Post your art and put encouraging comments on the work of others. (Just if you want to – no guilt if you choose not to post.)
  • Weekly famous artist mystery paintings (Can you guess the artist from a detail of the painting?)
  • Links to free online art gallery tours – around the globe!
  • Monthly art book reviews and monthly art movie reviews.
  • Monthly Zooms (1st Thursday of the month) with Cheryl for highlights of the month and a chance to ask any art and painting questions.
  • Monthly Zooms (3rd Thursday of the month) presenting art trivia plus a chance to chat informally about art.
  • Monthly Featured Artist – chosen from our group
  • No need to be perfect in here – practice and play are most welcome, and are the best way to grow your art skills.
  • No more lugging heavy paint to a classroom! (Yup, that one was a light bulb moment for me.)
  • At least once per year, a live gathering in London Ontario area.
  • Convenience! Access the group and videos whenever it suits you best – 24/7. And if you have a busy week, no worries. Participate when it suits you – it’s a no guilt zone.

You do NOT have to participate in everything. The goal is a relaxing very artsy place to go to whenever you feel like it, and participate in just the things that appeal to you the most. Find painting inspiration, make friends, have fun – all good!

Here is what members have said…

“…you have something here that is wonderfully inspiring but also quite unique ….it does get you painting. ( I am not aware of another membership art program like this one.)”
Marian, Hanover ON Canada

“I find this whole group super supportive and lots of fun!”
Nancy, Gracefield, QC Canada

“I think one of the best things is the encouragement from both Cheryl and the other members.”
Joyce, Thunderbay ON Canada

I have to say a big thank you to the team members who help make all this possible:

Kathie W. – Mystery paintings, tech help if you need it, administrative assistant.
Anna S. – Featured Artist, Art Trivia, monthly highlights, tech help if you need it.
Julie W. – Art book and movie reviews, links to free online Gallery tours.
Trish M. – Monthly highlights, tech help if you need it.

And these are just some of the things the team does to help keep The Painters Creative an encouraging happy place. Thank you team!

Payment Information

This membership is a subscription. You have the choice of paying $37.+tax monthly or $370.+tax annually. If you pay annually, you save $74.00+tax = 2 months free. (Which is why it is marked ‘preferred’.) Today’s date (the date you first paid on), your payment will recur either the next month or the next year, depending which you have chosen.

Gift Purchases

If you are purchasing this membership as a gift for someone else, you will need to contact Cheryl at [email protected] with the full name and email address of the person who will be participating, so that they can receive the invite link.


Annual subscriptions have 30 days after the start date for a full refund. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled any month, a few days before your next monthly payment is due, no refunds. I respect your privacy and payments on this page are done through ThriveCart – a secure payment platform. The full privacy policy for courses and memberships with Cheryl O is available here: Privacy Policy.

THE PAINTERS CREATIVE art membership is currently closed. Make sure you are getting Cheryl’s free Tuesday morning art newsletter to know when it will come open next.

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