Video Bundle – All About Art Supplies – 4 Videos

Here are the 4 videos, plus a short introduction.

You will be given a choice of what size of video to download when you click the download link. I recommend downloading the “HD” version. It is smaller than the Original, but still has great resolution.

After each download is done, click the back arrow in your browser to return to the video page and download the next video.


Click here to download the Introduction. 

Part 1: Brushes

Click here to download Part 1: Brushes

Part 2: Supports

Click here to download Part 2: Supports

Part 3: Paint

Click here to download Part 3: Paint

Part 4: Palettes

Click here to download Part 4: Palettes

Thank you for your purchase,
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I hope these videos will encourage you to have many happy creative hours with your paint.
Cheryl O