Happy Accidents

I have been thinking about painting and happy accidents, wondering what makes artists prone to these. Here’s what I think is going on with those. The term ‘accident’ implies that it was unplanned, and whatever happened will add new parameters to that work, which can then lead to new creative expressions. I find that any type of paint can do some wonderful things when it mixes and mingles, and too much control prevents some of that. Next time your paint does something unexpected, take a moment to consider if you want to keep that ‘accident’ rather than assuming that your initial vision was the best way. Perhaps a new direction is just what that painting needs to be a fresh and dynamic work of art. 

Dreams Can Come True

With my artwork currently featured world-wide in International Artist magazine (Feb/March2013), I have been overwhelmed with congratulatory emails. I am so grateful to have such a supportive group of family and friends! One of the nicest things was when my youngest son told me that, when he was small and living at home, he used to flip through that magazine at our house and dream that someday I would be in it. How lovely – thanks Abe! I, of course, shared that dream. So mostly I want to say to each of you, don’t stop dreaming because sometimes dreams do come true!