Frequently Asked Questions

Here are are some frequently-asked questions. If your question isn’t here, contact me!

Do I need to have talent to take art classes?

Not at all! In some creative fields, you need to be born with talent. For example: singers need good vocal chords, dancers need some co ordination. Not so for visual art. Creating wonderful paintings is a skill that can be learned! If you have the time and interest, you can learn to paint. Remember, even the most famous artists were beginners once!

Do I need to have previous art experience to take art classes?

No previous art experience is required. Each of my beginner classes assumes that you know nothing about painting or drawing. As an instructor, I like it best that way, since I can then help you establish good creative habits right from the start.

Do I have to know how to draw before learning to paint?

Not at all. Although there are some links between them, drawing and painting are really separate skills. As a beginner, you can only absorb so many concepts at once. Frequently a student will take some painting lessons, and then decide later to pick up a drawing course.

I am shy about painting in a class setting. Can you help me get over that?

This is such a very common feeling for beginners in class, and you will get past it. My role as instructor is twofold: to be an encourager and to give lots of practical information. You will find that the other art students are also very supportive. My theory is that this relates to the creative spirit tending to be encouraging rather than competitive. In class we are all cheering each other on to better art.

How do I find your London classes?

Here is the map to Village Green Community Church. It is at the south-east corner of Wonderland Rd. S. and Village Green Ave, across the road from Westmount Mall. Enter off of Village Green and use the lower parking lot. Use the first door closest the the road, and once inside, turn left to find the classroom. We have a lovely large room with big windows for light and breeze.

Is the classroom wheelchair accessible?

The classes held at Village Green Church are wheelchair accessible.

What supplies do I bring to class?

Check the Art Supplies page for information about each paint type. If you have a lot of paint already, you can bring it to class and Cheryl will check it and recommend if you need anything else.