Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to have talent to learn to paint or draw?

Not at all! Singers need good vocal chords, dancers need some co ordination. Not so for visual art. Creating wonderful paintings is a skill that can be learned! If you have the time and interest, you can learn to paint. Remember, even the most famous artists were beginners once!

Do I need to have previous art experience?

Each of my beginner classes assumes that you know nothing about painting or drawing. Brand new beginners are very welcome. The art membership, The Painters Creative, assumes that you have the beginning skills covered and are moving into a more intermediate category. The same for any courses marked “Intermediate”. If you are wondering if you are a good fit for any specific course, feel free to email Cheryl and ask.

Do I have to know how to draw before learning to paint?

Nope. Although there are definitely links between them, depending on your style, drawing and painting are separate skills. As a beginner, you can only absorb so many concepts at once. Frequently a student will take some painting lessons, and then decide later to pick up a drawing course.

I am shy about my art. Can you help me get over that?

My courses and memberships are offered in an interactive private web space. You may post your work there – if you want to. But it is a “guilt free zone”, meaning, you don’t have to post your work unless you want to. If you are happier working through the lessons and not posting, that is fine. However, there are some advantages to posting your work. You will find other members are encouraging and kind with their comments. It’s a great way to get some feedback, knowing that we all respect the fact that you are holding the brush.

What supplies do I need?

Check the Art Supplies page for information about each paint type.