Drawing for Painters – Plus a Splash of Colour

A 10 week art course by Cheryl O – Beginner to Intermediate

Key drawing concepts with exercises that build logically one on another for the best hands on learning experience. Cheryl has been teaching and honing this course for 25 years. It has the potential to dramatically impact your drawing and painting ability.

NOTE: No talent and no previous art experience in either drawing or painting is required.

Drawing for Painters

  • A 10 week self guided course – but you can choose your own pace.
  • Every week a teaching video that is downloadable for forever access.
  • 5 days per week (every weekday) there will be specific drawing concepts and a related 30 minute exercise.
  • Fridays will be a ‘splash of colour’ day to introduce line and wash techniques. Two courses in one!

A sample video from the Drawing Course – you can check out Cheryl’s teaching style here.

Goals for this course

  1. Exercises that will help you to gain drawing skills as well as become more creative. These skills can potentially transform your paintings.
  2. Improve in the following areas: dynamic lines, shading, negative space, perspective, lost edges, and many more topics.
  3. Learn the freedom of a splash of colour with line and wash techniques. (Note: Line and Wash was previously a separate course.)

Who is it for?

  • Brand new beginners and intermediate artists should both feel at home in this course.
  • NO TALENT AND NO PREVIOUS LESSONS (in drawing or painting) REQUIRED.
  • Ideally you would have 30 minutes, 5 days per week, to benefit the most from this course. Some days may be less, some more. However, it is self guided so you can choose your speed.
  • Note: head and shoulders portraits are NOT covered in this course. Portraits is a full course on its own – another time.

Course Materials

See the list of materials here.

Summary: This is a 10 week self guided course with…

  • 11 downloadable summary videos – with all the key points from the week
  • 49 thirty minute drawing exercises (1 per week day for 10 weeks)
  • 15 additional support videos to make sure that the exercises and lessons are clearly understood

I love encouraging creativity and hope you will be delighted and inspired by this course.

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