Drawing for Painters – Plus a Splash of Colour

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Drawing for Painters – Plus a Splash of Colour
A 10 week art course with Cheryl O
(2 courses in 1!)

NOTE: no talent and no previous art experience in either drawing or painting is required.

Drawing for Painters:

  1. A 10 week course that starts February 7, 2022. (Note: we take March 13 to 19 off for March break)
  2. Every Monday a teaching video that is downloadable for forever access.
  3. 5 days per week (every weekday) there will be specific drawing concepts and related hands on exercises.
  4. Fridays will be  a ‘splash of colour’ day to introduce line and wash techniques.
  5. Held on a private interactive web space: post your work (if you want to), and put encouraging comments on other’s work.
  6. Questions can be posted into the website for Cheryl O and her team to answer.
  7. Once per week Zooms with Cheryl to be sure all your questions are answered. Recorded and posted in the site in case you can’t make the live.

Goals for this course:

  1. Drawing exercises 5 days per week for 30 minutes. Some days may need less, and some a bit more.
  2. Learn practical ways to be creative with drawing that can be transferred to your paintings.
  3. Improve your skill in the following areas: dynamic lines, shading, negative space, lost edges, perspective, and more.
  4. Learn the fun and freedom of a splash of colour with line and wash techniques.
  5. Show and grow your art with an encouraging group. We are here to cheer each other on!

Who is it for?

  1. Brand new beginners and intermediate artists should both feel at home in this course.
  2. NO TALENT AND NO PREVIOUS LESSONS (in drawing or painting) REQUIRED.
  3. As mentioned, ideally you would have 30 minutes, 5 days per week, to benefit the most from this course. Some days may be less, some more. That said, it is a guilt free zone!

Who is it NOT for?

  1. Anyone who teaches art – even just part time.
  2. Also please note: head and shoulders portraits are NOT covered in this course. Portraits is a full course on its own – another time.


  1. To draw with: three 4B pencils, 1 HB pencil, 1 piece of sanguine chalk or sanguine soft conte (you can buy a single piece at an art store), white chalk (children’s chalk is fine), willow charcoal, 2 black Sharpie markers one fine tip and one extra fine tip, some white Hold-It or Sticky Tac to use as an eraser (that stuff they use to put posters on a wall), a ruler, any type of pencil sharpener.
  2. You will need: lots of scrap paper for practice (really lots – you do not need a good sketch book for practice). The back of used computer paper is fine, or buy a cheap paper pad at least 8″ x 11″.  Other surfaces:  6 sheets of black construction paper (you could get an inexpensive pack at a craft store), 1 piece of pastel paper in a medium gray colour, 1 piece of pastel paper in a medium brown colour, optional for watercolours & acrylics – a small pad of watercolour paper 9″ x 12″ (hot pressed if available, but cold pressed will work too), very optional – a sketch book at least 8.5″ x 11″.
  3. For adding colour, you just need ONE of the following, in at least the 3 primary colours – red, yellow, blue: watercolour paint,  acrylic paint (fluid acrylic is best, but any kind can work), inks, coloured pencils, pastels.

Starts Monday Feb 7, 2022.
NOTE: Registration is now closed.

Must be age 16 or older to register.

This is a 10 week course. We will take the week of March 13 to 19 off for March Break. Last day of class is April 22.

Watch your emails the week before for a series of short videos that explain how the course functions.
The last of these emails will contain your private link into the course on the day that it starts.