Privacy Policy

padlockFor everything that I offer online, I aim to provide the best possible learning experience. Although I do my best to ensure quality, I do not guarantee any results or benefits because many factors beyond my control influence your own personal learning experience.

Signing up for any course, lesson, or membership will add your name to my Tuesday morning art email list. (More info here: Art News.) Each art news email you receive from me has an easy unsubscribe button at the bottom if you ever don’t want them anymore. Please be careful not to unsubscribe to emails needed to deliver courses or membership information to you.

I respect your privacy. The information I collect will be used for the purpose for which it was provided, and not shared elsewhere. There are times that I need to share your email with my team members (one example: for tech help) or a third party (such as Mighty Networks where my courses are hosted) to ensure delivery of the course or membership you have purchased.  When you sign up for a course or membership, your email address will be added to email lists needed for that course or membership to be delivered.  Sometimes specials for upcoming courses are also offered in my once per week art newsletter.

I am not responsible for computer issues/problems related to your computer or network, or those of a third party that I use to deliver products. That includes any scheduled Zoom interactions.

If your purchase includes downloadable items, it is your responsibility to know how to download and store them on your devices. (Ask your 10 year old grandchild? Google ‘how to download onto a…’?).

I also will release information when required by law or to protect my or others’ rights, property or safety.

In all of my online venues which are interactive, the goal is positive interactions among students and members. I reserve the right to remove any student or member for reasons such as spamming or harassment in any form, at my sole discretion. We aim to encourage each other in my interactive venues.

The refund policy for each course or membership will be clearly stated on the payment page for that course or membership. Please note the policy before purchasing.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact me