Drawing Supplies

Tudor Gentleman

Essential Drawing Implements

  • 1 each of the following pencils – HB, 4B
  • 2 sticks of willow (soft) charcoal
  • 1 stick of white chalk, or a soft white chalk pencil
  • ‘Hold It’ or ‘Sticky Tac’ preferably white, used as an eraser
  • any type of pencil sharpener


  • Don’t spend money on these, but if you have them around home, you may use them in some of the later exercises
  • markers with variable tips
  • #8 size round synthetic watercolour brush
  • drawing pens and ink
  • coloured conté


Lots of cheap paper for exercises and practice. Waste computer paper that is only printed one side is one option. Bring about 30 sheets to each class. Or you can purchase a pad of cheap manila (or newsprint) paper and cut it up.

Optional: A pad of better quality drawing paper with a smooth surface, no smaller than 9 x 12 inches, if you think you might want to frame some of your drawings. Coloured drawing paper, textured drawing paper, or watercolour paper are also optional.

Model Fee

Occasionally this class will hire a live model. Each student would be asked to pay a small amount toward the model fee, usually not more than $2.00 per session.

All models for this course will be clothed.