I’ve been pondering, just a little, the fact that we each live our lives inside our own head. Being human means that we are very limited in our understanding. Most of us have learned some things in some areas of life in order to be able to function. I’m not going so far down this path as to say we are not really here. I think we are really here, we just are not able to know what ‘here’ means. When I paint a painting, chances are that you don’t even perceive the colours in the same way that I do. And that’s a fairly basic type of knowing that depends on the rods and cones in our eyes. When we get into more complex issues – we are into a vast deep ocean of unknowing. So I think I’ll just take some time to enjoy the sunshine on the shore, and you are welcome to join me. 

10 Ideas for Painting Inspiration

Some ideas to inspire you. 1. Look up. What’s happening in the sky right now? Grab a big brush and make big sweeping marks to express a sky. Give it a very low horizon with hardly any land. 2. Look down. Paint a picture of your feet or your shoes. Van gogh did a great painting of muddy boots. 3. Look small. What small object is near you that could be interesting to paint. Paint it way bigger than life.   4. Look inside. What’s in your fridge that might be fun to paint? Set up a still life. Cut that fruit or vegetable in half and include some of the inside of it in the painting too. 5. Look for flowers. Go to your garden or a store and get yourself some nice flowers. You might even paint them. 6. Look colourful. Precoat your canvas with a colour you love. Let that dry then work on top using complimentary colours. (Research complimentary colours if needed.) Be careful to leave some of the undercolour showing everywhere. 7. Look happy. What makes you smile? Paint it. 8. Look serious. What issues concern you? Can you paint them? 9. Have fun. What do you love to do? Can you paint that? Or can you paint how it makes you feel? 10. Don’t wait for the muse – just paint and the muse will blush when it catches up to you! 

Two Freedoms

“So there are two fantasy or freedoms that you can imagine: one based on play and one based on games. Play is like pure creativity; in fact it sort of generates rules. It’s like the ultimate power. But pure creativity is scary on a certain level. On the other hand, pure rule bound game is a stifle and boring. So there’s a kind of constant tension between those two principles that seems to play in every aspect of human existence.” David Graeber Read more here: “The life-sapping reality of beaurocratic life.” Who knew that there was a creativity connection with this activist-academic? I like his thoughts.