amputee halloween

Awesome Halloween Costumes

I am always amazed at how creative some Halloween Costumes are. Gotta love paralympian Josh Sundquist for his creative one-legged costumes. My favourite is pictured below. Hoping everyone has lots of dress up fun today – and lots of chocolate too of course! To see more about Josh Sundquist, here is a link to a CBC article: “When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Awesome Halloween Costumes“. I recommend watching his video too – scroll down once on the page, to find it. 


Just back from 3 weeks in Ireland! What a magical green – oh so green! – land. As well as emerald green, the hillsides were purple and yellow with lovely tiny alpine flowers. And every hill and meadow had its sprinkling of sheep. Here is one of the watercolour sketches that I painted while away. And of course there are many more photos that I hope to paint from. 
Landsform photo

Art Happens

This is not a movie set, but a photo of a natural land formation called “The Wave” in Arizona. I have not been there, but would love to see it, and the Grand Canyon someday. These are giant works of art, done by a hand much larger than mine! The earth is full of wonder. What natural formations feel the most like works of art to you? 
Happy Baby

First Art Memories

I  can clearly remember the first time that I mixed yellow with blue and it turned green. I thought it was completely magical! And then of course I went on to wonder why every other mixture that I tried made a dull brown. I was 4 years old. Artpromotivate recently asked the question “What are your first memories of art as a child”? It’s an interesting question, and so I ask you – what is your earliest art memory?” 

Less Blogging?

For almost 2 years now, I have blogged 5 days per week  … that’s 467 posts in all.  I enjoy it, and I’m certainly not running out of things to say. But time is precious … both mine and yours.  So I’m thinking of cutting back to 2 days per week – Tuesdays and Thursdays.  What do you think? You can tell me in the comments below.  How often do you check my blog? Would you like me to cut back to 2 days, or do you prefer more of me than that? If you have an opinion, now is the time to share it!