Flower Bundle – for watercolour or fluid acrylic


For Watercolour or Fluid Acrylic

3 Videos for the Price of 2!

This 3 video bundle demonstrates various watercolour and fluid acrylic techniques and styles. You can choose to do these paintings in either medium. Line work is provided for each painting. Usually $25. for each video – you may purchase all 3 for just $50.


This cheery subject is great for loosening up. Dropping colour into a prewet area, spattering water into wet paint, and more are all clearly demonstrated. A better understanding of these wet and wild techniques can help you have more creative fun with your paintings. The demonstration is done with watercolour, but fluid acrylic could be used for this painting too. Just keep in mind that lifting and pulling techniques do not work with acrylics once they are dry.

Quin Gold Rose

In an unusual approach for watercolour, this video illustrates beginning with dark shapes instead of light ones, and some advantages of that method. A favourite pigment, quinacridone nickel azo gold is demonstrated, as well as an introduction to working with white watercolour gouache. (Note: gouache is optional for this painting.) This painting could be done with fluid acrylic or watercolour, keeping in mind that acrylics do not lift when dry.

Beguiling Begonias

This demonstration is done with fluid acrylic and covers tips and techniques for both watercolour and fluid acrylic. Mixing and working with a neutral gray, softening edges, prewetting with water or paint, and much more.

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