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It’s a different world…

So much is different in our world right now; a lot to adapt to. What that has meant for me is a fast learning curve to translate my art courses to an online format. I cannot teach live right now. With an average of 12 students per class, we would not be able to social distance as people tried to watch painting demonstrations. Your safety matters to me!

To my delight, the online format is working super well for myself and my students. I video the painting lesson and explain why I am doing each step – the colour mixing, the brush handling, the composition, and more. This aspect is better than live because you always have an excellent view. The camera is above the painting and you see every detail. You watch all the important points right from the start to the finish. Unlike live, you can watch it whenever you want, stop, rewind and re-watch to your heart’s content. A more thorough learning experience all around – and you don’t have to pack up you paints and lug them anywhere!

For interaction, I have been doing live Zoom sessions so students can ask me any questions about that week’s painting theme. It works well. There is also lots of interaction between students on the site as they have fun posting their work and comment on each other’s too.

I have an online course currently being planned that will be ready for you by September. Hope to see you there!

Coming September 2020 a new online Art Course: “Colour & Composition – What Every Artist Needs to Know.” All media

More Information here: Online Art Courses

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