A beginner art student to me, “I’ve taken 3 or 4 art classes now, and you are most definitely my favourite teacher.” Another student, “This is my first art class ever, and you are my favourite teacher too!” I still 


I suppose great art has often been about courage. That is, being brave enough to let your own unique artistic expression shine through. I see art as 2 basic things: technical ability combined with courage. Once you get some technique 

Brave Group

This was a brave group. They had courage in how they approached painting, and many of them also had the courage to rough it in the Canadian wilderness in order to know their subject well. You may have guessed that 

Secret Recipe

I’m in love. Sorry, no sordid details, the object of my deep affection is colour. Colour mesmerizes me. Colour energizes me. If I think about the colour orange, I feel more alive. Colour can sooth me. A grayed teal blue