The 2 Foot Tall Critic

Dais2TMy definition of an Art Critic: someone who lives in a place that has walls, and has something hanging on them. Everyone has an opinion about art , and that’s a really good thing! It speaks of the fact that art is a universal language that touches us all. Many years ago, I used to sit at the King Street entrance at London’s downtown Market and paint. It was a fun experience, and I learned then that the vast majority of people want to encourage artists. What a nice thing to learn! Especially I treasure the memory of the children who would patiently stand in line to wait their turn to speak to me. In almost every case they simply wanted to tell me, “I like your painting.” And they knew, as I did too, that their opinion was just as valid as anyone’s. So here’s my thank you to 2 foot tall critics, you really did encourage me! No doubt you are much taller now, but I hope you still love art.