Lakeside Painting

Painting at beautiful Brentwood was sooo good this weekend. The weather was perfect – only a bit of rain first thing Saturday morning but it cleared up beautifully and we had lots of sunshine and a gentle cool breeze off the lake. As well as lots of creative painting time, we simply had a lot of fun together! We had a campfire at the beach under the brightest stars ever, and fantastic food at every meal. Thank you, Brentwood, for hosting this art retreat. What a delight – we’ll be back! 

Dream Big

“Some men see things as they are, and ask why. Other men see things that never were, and ask why not.” George Bernard Shaw –  It’s paint and canvas, or pencil and paper, or notes in the air, or words on a computer screen. Whatever your creative endeavors – dream big! Cheryl O 

Acrylic Paintings & Heat

It looks like being a hot summer. If you paint with acrylics, you should avoid stacking acrylic paintings on top of each other in your car for transport. The heat affects the acrylic, making it soft, and if anything is pressing on it, it can stick and damage the surface. Keep this in mind if you are storing acrylic paintings anywhere that it gets very hot – don’t put anything on top of them! (Photo taken at Brentwood on the Beach.) 

Art Show Update

The “Cheryl O & Students Art Show” opening was super! The place was a-buzz with people all enjoying the art. Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer us on. Congratulations to MaryAnn Kristoff who won the draw for a $50. gift card from Mercury Art Store. And congratulations to each participating student – your paintings look amazing! If you didn’t make it on Saturday, the show will be up at Westmount Branch Library in London until June 30, during regular library hours. Don’t forget to sign the guest book and tell us which is your favourite painting if you come by. 

Art Show!

Tomorrow (Saturday June 02) is the big day! 36 paintings done by 21 students and myself. The show opening is from 1 to 3 p.m. at Westmount Library in London. Free admission – the students have done wonderful work – won’t you come out to cheer them on?