Inner child

Aaaah Summer!

This summer I have blocked in some time to explore painting. Yes, after all these years of doing art, there are still experiments, ideas, and unstarted paintings living in my head. I am eager to give them birth! Even with that, I find I must be very deliberate about reserving this time – or somehow it slips away. Hope that this summer you will be able to fit in some creative time too. My recommendation? Put it on the calendar. 
Roses in Paper


In class the other day we were discussing the confident brush stroke. Mysteriously, when looking at a brush stroke in a painting, you can often sense whether it was put down confidently, and it is more pleasing if it was. It doesn’t even have to be totally accurately placed. Just as a singer who sings from the heart may not necessarily hit every note right on, so the confident brush stroke enhances the painting in a way that a precise brush stroke may not. This is more easily done with a good sized square brush well loaded with paint, than with a smaller round brush. It’s one of the reasons I love square brushes and encourage my students to use them. Go for the bold! 

Starts Monday!

This is a painting that will be taught in the upcoming Fruit Flowers & Crystal. It starts this Monday, July 11th! As well as learning the techniques to painting transparent glass and crystal, there will be lessons about painting silver, what makes a flower painting look gorgeous, and lots of tips on how to make a dynamic still life composition. Some references will be supplied, and students may bring in flowers from their gardens or their own flower photos as well. Definitely bring a camera for capturing some of the wonderful collaborated still lifes that will happen! Room for just a few more: Art Classes with Cheryl O   (This original painting is SOLD.) 

Get Creative!

I discovered this years ago, when first into painting. I need to have 2, 3 or more paintings on the go at once. This mode is so part of who I am, that if I suddenly find myself not going to the studio (this does not happen often), I realize that I am down to only 1 painting. As soon as I start another, I am happily back at it! Want to know more about this? Here’s a good article “How JumpingBetween Projects Provokes Creativity” from Creative Something