Imagining the truth

Did you know that the imagination is the very best vehicle for truth? Or more accurately, the imagination can be the best way to really grasp a truth and have it stick with you, even change your outlook on life – because when your imagination is engaged, the gray matter is ever so much more likely to hold onto whatever concepts are coming in. More Information here: Imagining the truth 

Joyful Journeys

Of all the characteristics of any painting, colour is the one that speaks the most naturally to our emotions. Bright colours energize and say ‘look at me’! Cool blues are calming. Yellows and oranges often feel cheerful. These are generalizations, but the link is there. More information here: Joyful Journeys 

For the love of flowers

Thank you for the many many folks who responded in agreement to my recent “Black Lives Matter” email. I thought that you would understand. I hope that we each continue to find meaningful ways to speak against prejudice and racism in all its ugly forms. Flowers. Think of the strong associations these have for us with love, both romantic and affectionate. Associations with caring and consolation. With spring and new life. With a joyful sense of colour and just plain being. More information here: For the love of flowers