The Best Brush

SuppSmThere are so many interesting brush shapes – and names to go with them. For example, “Cat’s Tongue” is a square brush that has had the corners rounded – if that makes sense. But which is the very best brush to use? Certainly not the tiny one! You pick up niggley little amounts of paint, and spend more time moving your hand back and forth between the palette and the painting, than you do actually painting. If you are wanting to make thin lines or small marks, a larger round brush that holds a good point will do that just as well. The key here is – it is in good shape and holds a good point. Personally, I use a lot of square brushes. If you hold them on the chisel point, they can still make a thin line, and they can be held at an angle for thicker marks, or pressed flat on the canvas for the widest mark of all. This versatility in marks is fun for me. But which is the very best brush for you? It should be:

1. Large enough to hold a decent amount of paint,  

2. In good shape and not having a bad hair day,  

3. Make the type of marks that you are excited about having in your painting!   

Notice #3 – that’s why I can’t tell you exactly which brush shape will be your favourite. You need to experiment with a variety of shapes to figure that one out for yourself.

Happy painting!