Best Seen by the Heart

Today in art class we were discussing how crazy the business of art is. It’s certainly subjective. What one person loves, another is unaffected by. Add to that the fact that a wonderfully skilled artist may also be completely inept at marketing and … they will likely never be famous. Making art because you want fame probably is not the most satisfactory of pursuits, in any case. And making art to become rich is another goal that not many can reach.  So, why make art? Here are some reasons for making art that will encourage you to continue creating. May I suggest that you make art because you love the creative process. Because it’s away of expressing the thoughts of your heart. Because you are enamoured with colour and shape and form. Because it expresses in a unique way your perception of life. All these reasons will lead to joy in your creative process. Hoping for fame or riches will most likely be a discouraging journey. Finding a source of joy – that is beyond price. At least, that’s my opinion.