Blue Won!

LgSoftly200The weekly surveys that you can participate in on my website homepage, are fun and interesting. Last week, I asked people what their favourite colour was. Although purple took an early lead, it was gradually overtaken by blue, which came to a significant win by the end of the week! So, since blue won, here are some painting tips about my two favourite blues.

Ultramarine Blue PB29 – This is the blue colour that some people think of as “royal” blue. It’s a sedimentary pigment. That means it has sediments, which means, little bits of dirt in it. These can granulate and make an interesting speckled texture. The granulation can show up in any type of paint, but watercolourists who like that effect enhance it by using generous amounts of water with the paint and using a cold pressed or rough watercolour paper.

Phthalo Blue PB15 – I prefer the “green shade” when given the choice. This is a brilliant almost turquoisey blue. Think Caribbean waters. It’s a staining colour that is very potent. Watch out for it in mixtures, a little goes really a long way. Sort of like jalapinos in the stew. But blue, not red.

Both of these blues can be used full strength for a very dark value, or show their brilliance well when thinned with white or water.

Painters, and blue lovers too, which is your favourite blue pigment? You can tell us in the “comment” area on the blog. Of course colour preferences are personal, and have no right or wrong. Even if blue did win. By the way, if you vote on the current survey, you then see a link to “View results (so far)”. The results page has a drop down menu and you can then see the results of all of the surveys to date.