Iris3TJust posted a new video about taking care of your brushes. The tips given here can help your brushes to last for months longer. Check it out here: Cheryl O’s Free Art Videos – Brush Care.

Square brushes are my personal favourite. I love the generous amount of paint that you can load onto them, and the variety of marks from wide to thin, depending if you use the full width or pull it along the chisel tip for a thinner line. There are lots of other shapes in brushes out there and I can’t tell you which will be your favourites. The marks that you want to make on paper may be different than the ones I want to make – so you will just need to explore and see which ones suit you the best. Whatever shape you choose, it is a good idea to try to pick up the largest brush you can work with while painting. Load it well with paint so that you can make an expressive line or shape with it and don’t spend all your energy reloading a niggly amount of paint on the tip of the brush. Happy painting!