BisonTAs the latest “Toward Abstract” class draws to a close (final class today), I find myself pondering what encourages a painter to get inspired to paint. If you have been painting for awhile, sometimes a small or large change in approach does the trick. This course was full of ideas that might change how a painting is approached. Here is just a sampling.

Texture was one suggestion. Collaging sand or other items onto a canvas makes the paint behave differently and can inspire a creative response. Changing the key you paint in was another. If you usually paint with lighter colours (high key), try planning a painting all in darker colours (low key). Playing with geometric shapes that are cut out can be fun when searching for a composition. The ability to physically move these around sparks new responses as the creative mode kicks in.

Lots of creative work happened in this course, and I commend each student for their sense of adventure. It will be interesting today during our review to learn which of the many techniques that were presented the students found most helpful. New classes start tomorrow and Thursday. Happy painting all!