The Cost of Losing It

LgIceOnRiv250I really lost it for a few days. Got into painting – big time. Multiple paintings on the go, paints all over, brushes flying, colour flowing, that high-as-a-kite kind of creative. Succumbed completely to leaving the whole world behind. Makes me wonder why this doesn’t happen to me more often. I’m self employed right? Oh, maybe that’s the problem, I’m self employed. Read – too many papers and receipts and to do lists to ever hope to keep track of. Anyway, back to the wonderful few days. When I resurfaced, gave myself a good hard shake, forced the glazed eyeballs to refocus on life, I discovered that I had – 4 movies and 3 library books out from the library. And they were all overdue. And I now owe the library $19.20. Sigh. It was so worth it.