Lynne Pinchin

  • How long have you been painting?

    6 years – all with Cheryl O

  • What type of paint do you like to work in?

    I work in both acrylic and watercolour paint.

  • What inspires you to be creative?

    I wanted to try something new and different. I am a sports fanatic, and painting is very different!

  • Do you have a favourite subject?

    I am definitely a landscape painter. I love painting beaches, clouds, and peaceful scenes.

  • What inspires you to be creative?

    Place that I have been, or places that my family has been – they share their photos with me.
  • Do you have any favourite artists?

    Our Canadian Group of Seven.

  • How does painting affect your life?

    This is a great question! Painting has added a totally new dimension to my life! It has opened up so many new interests, and friendships. I now notice things that I never thought I would faintly pay attention to. I can’t wait to steal time to sit and paint, or find new inspirations to paint. I love Cheryl’s attitude and credit her talents for inspiring me to learn to paint, to improve, and enjoy art. Her classes are so welcoming and just positive all the time.

  • See more of Lynne’s artwork on her website, link below.  She also works in stained glass!




Paintings by Lynne Pinchin