How Clutter Affects Your Brain

Photo by LifehackerI’m pretty sure that every artist struggles with this – clutter. As you really get involved with a painting, the paint bottles have a way of migrating outward in an expanding chaos. Add some collage into the mix, and there’s no taming that space. Mostly, I go with the flow. When I start having difficulty navigating across the floor of my studio space, I kick back into organizational mode, with each tube and bottle finding it’s own proper spot even if ever so briefly. One important question that I ask myself is, does having a tidy study make me more likely to paint? I think it may help. But for painting motivation, I find there’s nothing like having 3 paintings on the go at once and a bunch of great photo references asking for more.

Which motivates you – a tidy space, or creative chaos?

This is such an interesting article. I thought the 4 ways to master clutter listed at the bottom of the article were good ideas.

Here’s the link: How Clutter Affects Your Brain by Lifehacker