Learning Curve

WildFlow300With lots of registrations coming in already for classes that start in October, I have been pondering the happy atmosphere of classes again. I’m convinced that it’s partly the creative spirit of students interested in art that fosters such an atmosphere,  but there are other things that help too. One is understanding learning curve. We would all like to have the kind of learning curve that looks like a straight line sloping upward. Fact is, I don’t know anyone who learns that way. With most of us it’s 4 steps forward and 2 steps back. For myself, I do a lot of flat lining. Those are times when I feel like nothing is happening. But I know from experience that if I persevere, the line will eventually slope upward again and I will get where I am aiming – with practice. People also learn at different speeds as well. I say, if you are having fun learning, it really doesn’t matter at all how quickly or slowly you learn. Being conscious of these few aspects of learning can help make it a happier experience for you. Hope to see you in class!