The Most Terrible Words

SchoTThere are 2 terrible words that strike me through in a way that no others can. They are: “too late”. We’ve all done it. Missed opportunities with those we care about. Missed chances for making the lives of others, and our own too, better. Yet I don’t want to be consumed by regret – that’s no way to live. So instead, I take hold of those “too late” memories and try to use them as high octane fuel to power my life in a better direction from now on. It’s a new day, every day.

On a happier note, it’s not too late to follow your dreams. Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Why not now? Have you always wanted to learn to paint? You can do it. It’s never too late to unleash your unique creative potential, and make the world a richer place for us all.