Scary Things

Stewy250I did get over wondering if there were monsters under my bed. Actually, it was skinny scary wolves that I thought were under mine. (Thanks, Walt, for that one.) Anyway, they are gone. Phew! I have a strong dislike for spiders, and heights make me uncomfortable, but none of these things are what I find truly scary. I think if I’m afraid of anything, it’s a fear of not being all I was meant to be. Some days it’s like I feel that sand slipping through the hour glass, and I’m slipping down with it. To use a common expression, I don’t want to die without singing my song. And I also hope that in some way, I can encourage you to sing your song too. This world will be glad if you do. And it’s worthwhile to note, your song may be in the creative, and more importantly, it will also be found in the way you show love for those around you in big and small ways. / 

What fears have you conquered? I hope there’s nothing still under your bed – except maybe some fluffy dust bunnies.