Secret Recipe

LgMntMem200I’m in love. Sorry, no sordid details, the object of my deep affection is colour. Colour mesmerizes me. Colour energizes me. If I think about the colour orange, I feel more alive. Colour can sooth me. A grayed teal blue makes me calm. Since it made such a great blog title, I will share my secret recipe for a grayed teal blue colour with you fellow painters – it’s phthalo blue plus burnt sienna plus white. It’s a good one – enjoy!

Call me fickle, but I think I love all colours. Yellow dances, red leaps and shouts for joy. These associations run deep within me and no doubt strongly affect my painting. Do you have a favourite colour? You could tell us in the comments below, and even share your favourite colour recipe if you feel so inclined. And this week’s survey is about colour too. You can vote on your favourite colour – surveys are always anonymous and just for fun. Thanks!