A Special Start to 2015

I am excited!

As much as I love to teach art and share that joy, I am taking a teaching sabbatical for 3 months to focus on my own art. It starts officially this Monday! My plan is to have a structured 9 hour day which includes painting, sculpture, piano (I’m a beginner), guitar (an amateur), writing and exercise. Each day will begin with drawing as a warm up and sometimes as a plan for painting. Painting is the main focus, but I know that after about 1 hour 15 minutes of painting I need to take a brief break in order to be at my best creatively. So, I will switch to one of the other activities at that point, and then go back to painting. The goal of all of this is to become as right-brained as possible and grow my art. I’m happy to share this journey with you, so please check back here: cherylo.ca often. Most weekdays there will be a new blog entry that includes tips for being more creative, or simply fun art quotes and thoughts, for your inspiration and enjoyment. Your comments are always welcome – let’s keep in touch!