Carol Prusak

How long have you been painting? Painting has been a part of my life on and off since childhood. It only has taken a major role since 2005 when I began classes with Cheryl. Why did you first want to learn to paint? I have always been creative with things like knitting and sewing, but find that painting gives a more immediate result and satisfaction. I tried decorative painting but found it too rigid. What type of paint do you like to work in? Acrylics for the versatility. I also like to play with acrylic mediums. Do you have a favourite subject? Right now I’m painting a lot of trees. What inspires you to be creative? Colour and texture in painting are very important to me. Often the subject matter is secondary. Do you have any favourite artists? I have always been attracted to Monet, van Gogh, and Group of Seven paintings; and more recently the work of Stephen Quiller. How does painting affect your life? Painting is a gift to myself. It nurtures me in a good way and helps to balance me. It makes me feel whole.     Paintings by Carol Prusak