Famous Painting: Previous Winners

Here are our previous contest winners. Click on any thumbnail to see the entire painting! Artist: Salvador DaliPainting: Persistence of MemoryClose Date: June 30, 2012Winner: Kathie Wright Artist: Gustav KlimtPainting: The KissClose Date: May 31, 2012Winner: Cheryl Cashman Artist: Johannes VermeerPainting: Girl with a Pearl EarringClose Date: April 30, 2012Winner: Connie Mabb Artist: Lawren HarrisPainting: From the North Shore Lake SuperiorClose Date: Mar 31, 2012Winner: Lynne Tomlinson Artist: Claude MonetPainting: Woman with Parasol/La Promenade/Madam Monet & SonClose Date: Feb 29, 2012Winner: Scott Smith Artist: Vincent van GoghPainting: Starry NightClose Date: Jan 31, 2012Winner: Linda Summers Posey Artist: Edgar DegasPainting: The Dance Class (La Classe de Danse)Close Date: Dec 31, 2011Winner: Alexis Chadwick