As an artist, I get energized by great photo references. By putting the paint out onto the palette. By the happy anticipation of a blank canvas all set to go. By the movement of colour and the placement of strong darks next to lights. However, I find that even on a productive day, I can work too long and lose the zing. Sometimes forcing myself to continue is a recipe for disaster! There are signs I have learned to watch out for. Things like fussing too much over a small area on the canvas. I tend to paint vigorously, so I pay attention if the brush starts moving slower, or I sense I’m just not concentrating well. At times, I just need to stop and make some chai tea, and then I can go at it happily again. Sometimes going for a brisk walk does wonders. Still, each of us is so unique. What gets me going, might not do a thing for you. It’s really worth examining your life and figuring out which are the energy giving things for you – both to get you started, and to keep you going. Today I’m wondering, because it might be really helpful to fellow artists – including me, what kind of breaks re-energize you?