The Print versus Original Controversy

Painting - Once a VillageThis is one hot topic among artists and collectors.

Some people just love to collect originals. I think that’s great! They love the fact that the artists hands worked over that canvas or paper. They sense the struggle and the joy that went into creating. They enjoy the fact that they have the one and only original work on their wall. How wonderful.

On the other hand…

The quality of prints has in the last few years become amazingly good. I think that’s great too! Not everyone can afford an original. Prints mean that if you love an image, you can have it on your wall to enjoy for your lifetime. The quality really is that good. And if you could see one of my originals beside one of my prints, you would have a very difficult time knowing which is which.

Does making prints of a painting in any way devalue the original? Absolutely not. Think about any famous painting and the innumerable times that it has been printed. Whether it’s a Group of Seven painting, or one of van Gogh’s much loved work, the fact that many people want to buy a print only enhances the value of the one original. More and more of today’s artists are making their art available as prints – it’s a huge trend.

Here is a link to my paintings that are available as prints. For some images, the original is also available. Let me know if there are any that you are wondering about.