The Show Continues…

The opening was fun! Thanks to all who came out to cheer us on. Good to see old friends, some who I haven’t seen in quite awhile, and make some new friends too. My painting , “Clearing” featured here, sold and is off to a new home. And congratulations to Richard Sturgeon who sold several of his sculptures.

You can still see the show – it is up until November 22. The best way to see it is by taking in one of the wonderful concerts that will be happening at the Aeolian Hall. If you have not yet experience music at the Aeolian, you are missing something wonderful! They feature all types of music, and there will be something that you would enjoy. Book soon, they often sell out.

Here is a link to their music schedule: Aeolian Hall Events Page

You can also see the art Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The staff is in the office during those times and are happy to let you in to see the art.

Painting "Clearing"