Through the Eyes of a Friend

Cez200There is something lovely about a shared pleasure. Life’s joys are often more full when experienced with a friend. Although I have wonderful friends who partake in various parts of my life, today I want to talk about art gallery friends.

Art gallery friends understand that the pace that you travel through an art exhibit is completely unpredictable. They know that if the art is good, at some point likely one masterpiece will reach out, grab a piece of your heart, and leave you standing there absorbing in silence for awhile. They walk on, saying, “I’ll be in the next room”, and leave you in peace – and you do the same for them. Then at other times while looking at a painting together, they are willing to state completely honestly which paintings speak to them and which don’t. We have fun exploring why. And suddenly, standing in front of a piece of art, you are seeing it through someone else’s eyes!

So thank you to my art gallery friends – you know who you are. Thanks for your patience and for sharing the joy. You make my life richer.

(Painting by Cezanne.)