What Would You Say?

Bouquet in BlueIf you could paint anything in the world, and paint it very well, what would you paint? It’s really the same question as, what would you like to say – because art is a language. Georgia O’Keeffe wanted to say, “take time to notice these lovely little flowers”, so she painted them huge on very large canvases. Perhaps you are passionate about a subject or a cause and you want to try to express that in your painting. Do you want to say, “look how beautiful …. is?” Or are you more philosophical, and want to say, “see how it feels to be sad.” – or, “see how it feels to be joyful.” When you begin to grasp the idea that art is a language, and when you identify what you want to say with this language, chances are increased that your art will have an impact on the viewer, and perhaps even on the world. I can’t wait to see what you want to say!