Words & Stones

Collage techniquesJust loving layering with collage! Into the painting in progress I have collaged polished stones, glass, words, metal art foil, and charcoal (see previous post). The stones and glass were attached to the canvas with acrylic clear gloss gel. I was pleased with how easy it was to incorporate some words into the image. After printing the phrase off on my black and white printer, I tore the words so that there was an uneven edge all around. I put a layer of matte medium onto the painting, and placed the paper into it. With more matte medium on a brush, I thoroughly soaked the paper and made it lay flat. After that layer was dry, I used similar colours of acrylic paint on top of the paper to make it fade into the painting. I was pleased with how unobtrusive, yet still legible, the writing became. This image is just part of the phrase, and a small part of the painting. Curious to see the whole painting, and see what the phrase is? Probably tomorrow – check back then.