Online Courses

In the works!

Topics To Be Announced – for acrylic, watercolour & oil paint

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Online video art lessons are in the works! The advantages are many – and the necessity obvious with the current world in isolation.

Even without that, it is such an advantage to be able to 1. Take these at your own pace  2. repeat and replay as needed 3. Get all the tips and techniques carefully explained with text highlighting important points.

Topics currently being videoed include:

All the basics for each type of paint from understanding the supplies, how to set up to paint, and exercises for good brush handling habits while painting. This will allow beginners to be able to start in with the confidence of knowing what materials are best and how to handle and care for them. And no doubt it will be a good review for intermediate painters as well.
After that, a landscape theme is calling to me.
For watermedia (which means watercolour or fluid acrylics), the theme will be how to loosen up and get away from ‘tidy’ paintings. How to make much more dynamic works by learning a variety of ways to let colour really flow. Taught by working step by step through 4 or 5 paintings, 1 per week.
For oil or heavy body acrylics, the theme will be how to take advantage of that luscious creamy thickness to make exciting and expressive brush marks that can bring a painting to life. Taught by working step by step through 4 or 5 paintings, 1 per week.
Both courses will be in video format – with colour mixing and composition tips included. I will also give drawing tips in the first lesson, to help folks get a bit of basic line work down before they start to paint.
Check back for updates – and I hope to have some online painting inspiration for you soon!