Scary Things

I did get over wondering if there were monsters under my bed. Actually, it was skinny scary wolves that I thought were under mine. (Thanks, Walt, for that one.) Anyway, they are gone. Phew! I have a strong dislike for spiders, and heights make me uncomfortable, but none of these things are what I find truly scary. I think if I’m afraid of anything, it’s a fear of not being all I was meant to be. Some days it’s like I feel that sand slipping through the hour glass, and I’m slipping down with it. To use a common expression, I don’t want to die without singing my song. And I also hope that in some way, I can encourage you to sing your song too. This world will be glad if you do. And it’s worthwhile to note, your song may be in the creative, and more importantly, it will also be found in the way you show love for those around you in big and small ways. /  What fears have you conquered? I hope there’s nothing still under your bed – except maybe some fluffy dust bunnies. 

Still Life Landscapes

The connection may not be obvious, until you think about it. A good still life set up has a lot in common with a good landscape composition. They each have a foreground, mid ground, and background. In the still life though, it’s most often the mid ground that has the starring role, while in a landscape it can be any of the three depths. Both types of paintings are enhanced by variety in shapes and size throughout the composition. The painting posted here is one by Cezanne. You can sense how he set up the table cloth like foreground foothills leading up to the mid ground of fruit and the final backcloth like a mountain behind it all. We are exploring this concept in the current Fruit Flowers and Crystal class. This type of creative thinking can make arranging a still life set up lots of fun. 

Watercolour Paper

There are 2 basic types of watercolour paper: hot-press and cold press. It’s easy to remember the difference. Hot-press is smooth with no texture – essentially it has been ‘ironed’ flat by the hot press machine. Cold press has some texture in the surface. The amount of texture and pattern of it will vary with brand. Hot press is great for those who love little details. Cold press is more popular because a lot of painters like the added texture feeling that cold press give. Cold press will also accentuate the granular effect of sedimentary pigments. Take time to experience both in order to see which suits your painting style the best. 

The Craziest Most Sane Thing

It is crazy when you think about it. Taking ground up colours that are mixed into a medium, spreading them about on a canvas, working so hard sometimes to make a 2 dimensional surface appear to have 3 dimensions – what’s this about? For as long as man could hold a stick of charcoal, there has been art. It’s that need to express thoughts in ways that are unique to who you are. At most basic, it comes down to having a voice and wanting to communicate with others. Artist and art appreciator both stand together and say “Aaaah”, and find meaning and sometimes joy in what was said through the art. We all need a creative voice. Whether that’s how you make a soup, dance a dance, make people laugh, sing your song – we all need to be heard sometime. And if you’ve got that passion for an art form inside of you, it would be crazy not to let it out. In a racing, running, must be-making-money world, it’s likely the most sane thing you can do. (Thanks for the title, Gloria L.)