The Craziest Most Sane Thing

CaveArt300It is crazy when you think about it. Taking ground up colours that are mixed into a medium, spreading them about on a canvas, working so hard sometimes to make a 2 dimensional surface appear to have 3 dimensions – what’s this about?

For as long as man could hold a stick of charcoal, there has been art. It’s that need to express thoughts in ways that are unique to who you are. At most basic, it comes down to having a voice and wanting to communicate with others. Artist and art appreciator both stand together and say “Aaaah”, and find meaning and sometimes joy in what was said through the art. We all need a creative voice. Whether that’s how you make a soup, dance a dance, make people laugh, sing your song – we all need to be heard sometime. And if you’ve got that passion for an art form inside of you, it would be crazy not to let it out. In a racing, running, must be-making-money world, it’s likely the most sane thing you can do. (Thanks for the title, Gloria L.)